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2016 Bottling

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We've just finished our first round of bottling this years premium extra virgin olive oil - Four Farms Southern Select.

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2016 Milling

We've just started milling our 2016 harvest.  We have come so far but the journey has just begun!

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Beaches Green Market

We enjoyed our local Beaches Green Market this week.  It's great having a farmers market a quarter mile from home.  Although the rain came it was great seeing dear friends.

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Family Visit

It was great have cousins visit the farm... they have to check out what we have going on.

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Riverside Arts Market

We had a good experience at RAM this week.  There is always a lot of activity and excitement under the bridge!

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Nice event at Lake City Community College

Tried out our new banners and displays for the first time a nice local food event at Lake City Community College.

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The flowers are beautiful on the trees.  Olive flowers (inflorescence) come in two types, perfect and imperfect.  There are thousands of them on a mature tree and some say you'll have a good crop if 3% of them are fertilized. 

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Olive industry taking root in Florida!

Olive oil: The next big thing in Florida agriculture?

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First Bottling

After picking, milling & filtering we are ready to bottle.  It has been a long journey since we first planted in 2012.  It sure is exciting to literally see the "fruits" of our labor in bottles.

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Milling on our own

The Italians have gone after setting up and testing all the equipment... and now we're expected to remember how to operate this beast?.  Well, after a long day of hand harvesting, its nice to see the fresh EVOO flow from the tap.

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